Based in London, Jeremy (Jez) has worked in the Photographic industry for over 20 years. With an extensive background in car Photography; studio and location. In more recent years Jez has concentrated on his love of location work.

Jez works with all formats in digital and film, but for his personal work still prefers to shoot mainly on film. "Film is a slower process than digital, so for commercial work it doesn't make much sense anymore, though for my own projects I find shooting film is liberating, of course if you're viewing images on an iphone then you won't see the subtlety but when viewing a large print then the differences are clear. It's a general misconception that the only reason for using large format is for higher resolution; there is so much more to it than this. The dynamics of focal length, perspective and angle of view at a given aperture is key to the "look" achieved on larger formats."
If you have an interesting project ideas and would like to discuss it please feel free to contact Jez via the contacts page.